#966² MEDITATION 4.0² – S5 E9 – NO TIME!

In this modern world, time is a valuable thing. We work, we sleep, we eat and? Family, friends, hobbies, you name it. But meditating isn’t a part of it, is it? We should do it more. But how?

In the past months I had a lot of time to think. My health issues prevented me from doing anything fun besides working and doing this blog. And while I was laying there around in my bed, I realized that our perception of time is just wrong. Even though that we think we do not have much time in life, we have all the time in the world. We just spend it differently.

Photo by Yahya Hasan on Pexels.com

The clock never stops, we can’t prevent that from happening. But we can use all of the time that we have. I love to optimize my life. I do it for years already. But I haven’t learned to live in the present moment. I still chase after things in the future, not realizing how great the present moment is. Meditating could help me getting there. It has the potential! But do I let it into my life?

I should! Really! So hey, I will give it a try right now!

See you next time!

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