#979² MEDITATION 4.0² – S5 E10 – PODCASTS

We work, we sleep, we eat, we do whatever we do. But calming down? How often is that on the agenda? The truth is, it’s rarely a top priority. We are so busy doing other things. But there is a solution. Podcasts.

Photo by jonas mohamadi on Pexels.com

I have started to listen to podcasts way back in time when podcasts were a niche market product. Nobody listened to podcasts back then, but the quality was much higher. And so, I have spend thousands of hours already, listening to podcasts while doing other things. While cleaning, sport, walks in the nature, driving in my car, being on the simulator, you name it. It helps me to shut off. To forget about this world around me.

But when you do other things while listening, you can’t really listen, at least not all the time. And so, I have started to form this habit of using a podcast to drift off into my self consciousness. I lay down and listen to it for a little while before my thoughts stop screaming around and allow me to float deeper into my head. In fact this works so brilliantly, it feels like a good meditation session. And hey, don’t forget! You will learn so much on the way, but of course only if you listen to the right stuff!

See you next time!

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