Will the 994 be the next Porsche 911 generation? We don’t know that of course, but it would make sense. Therefore, let us just assume that this is the number they will pick.

The future doesn’t look as bright as it was one decade ago. The cars these days have become so brilliant, how can they be improved? A better ride quality? A stiffer chassis? Bigger engines with more torque? The future is a different one. Alternative power sources like the e-mobility. New systems and gadgets like autonomous driving. Porsche has to adapt.

Photo by Harsch Shivam on Pexels.com

Of course the high performance cars will stay. There will always be a natural aspirated flat six boxer engine available somewhere in the 200k price area. But for the base models? Well, I assume they have to follow the trend. Will we see the first electric 911? Probably, but definitely we will see the first mild hybrid and plug in hybrid 911’s. Why? Because it makes just sense. Not for the environment, but for the OEM.

The future doesn’t need to be bad, it will just be different. The feeling of driving a 911 will stay the same. It has to be! With the next generation, Porsche needs to introduce a new engine design. Will the four cylinder get a chance? I say yes! It will get a chance. Why? Because it makes just sense. You can use the four cylinder turbo charged engine in the Cayman, Boxster and 911 entry range for the base model, the S and the GTS and add a mild hybrid electric motor. For the top of the range models you can still use the six cylinder boxer engine and add some electric engines and a bigger tank for the turbo model direction and stay with the natural aspirated for the GT cars.

Sure, maybe I am wrong and they will decide differently. Allowing the 911 to keep its six cylinder heart, it would be the best for us all, but maybe not for Porsche. But anyways. I can’t predict the future. And of course, this future is not so far away anyways. The next generation car is already existing somewhere in a laboratory today, so maybe I am wrong completely and everything stays the same. We will see!

See you next time!

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