… What would be your last? The last story before you go. Would it be a happy one? A love story? The Hollywood classic? Or do you have more to offer?

What makes a story a good story? The topic? The plot? The characters? Or the complete package? I am not a writer, how do I know? I always thought it’s the way the story gets told. Isn’t that all that matters?

My last story would be about me. Is that selfish? Judge me, please! Of course it would be about me. About the good, but also the bad times. The whole story, from start to finish? Isn’t that a bit long? Or rather boring? There is a lot of time getting wasted in-between me doing what I do, studying, doing sport and driving cars.

Photo by Craig Dennis on Pexels.com

But does my story has a happy end? Will it have one? One day I will know. We all will know. But until then, hey, we have other things to do! Today is a lovely day. The sun is shining, the birds are singing. Spring is knocking at the door. The first summer vibes, I can feel them already! It was about time!

With the blog reaching the magical four digit daily posts number, thinks might change in the future. I am ready! Ready to write the next chapter of my life. The story doesn’t end yet!

See you next time!

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