“Isn’t that obvious?! Don’t you see the signs?!”
“Which signs? Oh, you mean the artificial scaremongering?”
“The what?”
“The panic that is in our heads even though it doesn’t even exist.”

In our globalized world every is connected. And so, like in a chain reaction, one small issue can lead to a catastrophic panic. But one step after the other.

Photo by Tomas Ryant on Pexels.com

Yes there is a pandemic out there. Yes Russia is attacking the Ukraine. But those are not the real reasons why the situation is heating up. No! It’s us and our behavior. Supply and demand. Demand and supply. We have all heard the rules of our markets. And with people buying food for the next six years straight, of course the prices go up in our supermarkets. Therefore it’s no wonder the inflation is as strong as it is today.

Our world is indeed changing, to the good or the worse? That depends on who you ask. But there is one thing for sure, there are a lot of people out there doing the wrong things. They show the wrong kind of behavior for our situation. And the media? Well, they make it even worse. They are showing us scenarios that do not exist, but will exist once we have all adapted our lifestyle just because of this sensation mongering in the first place. The circle of the devil? Or maybe even worse!

Everything in our world is changing constantly. And new situations always imply great opportunities. Opportunities but also risks.

Keep it calm! Keep it steady! The world you know today will exist tomorrow as well!

Just promise me not being stupid and don’t follow the herd.

See you next time!

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