Whatever we do in life, we need a reason. If we can’t answer the question “why”, it will not work. But there is a difference between thinking you know the reason and actually having a reason.

People want to experience a change in life. A change to the positive. We want to get more, get better, get what we have been dreaming of for so long. We try everything, or at least start everything. We get our motivation somewhere. Coaches, books, videos, other people’s life stories. We look at the neighbors greener garden so to speak and want this as well. And this. Oh yes, and this as well.

Photo by Gustavo Cruz on Pexels.com

We are not only material driven. It’s not just items we want to collect, things have a bit more depth sometimes. We want to loose weight, be healthier, reach certain goals. Learning a language, doing more sport, going to the gym. We want a change in our life, or think that we want to change it and off we go. We try! We try and fail!

The philosophy about life itself is as old as the world. As old or as young, depending on your perspective of things. Life is this thing nobody really understands, even though a lot of people make sure to state out that they know. They think they got it! But is that even possible?

Whatever reason you might have. It’s your reason! And that is the only thing that matters! Do what you want! Follow your dreams! How much more time do you want to loose? It’s now or never! But we can’t! We are trapped in our every day life. Trapped in this society. Breaking out? Not really an option. Until, well, until you finally got it! The day will come when life will not make any sense any longer. And when it comes, you finally have the chance to move on! Taking the next steps! Getting closer to who you are!

See you next time!

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