We all had some kind of a job in our life. The first maybe not very high up the hierarchy, but we make our way. My first job was delivering newspapers by the way. I have seen my sister doing it. I analyzed what she was doing “wrong” and improved upon her process. I did the preparation of the newspapers twice as fast and had some fun while doing it and the actual process of delivery? I used inline skates and a trolly and was probably three times as fast as she was. But it was never the approach that differentiated, it was the mindset.

A lot of people go to work because of the money. Money runs the world, right? And of course a family mother can’t pretend that she doesn’t need the money to feed all the bills at the end of the month as well. But still, it’s the mindset that differentiates the workforce.

We all go through different jobs in our “careers”, we do jobs we like and jobs we just have to do. But it’s not even that. Even within the portfolio of a job we like there are things we enjoy more than others, let’s put it that way. And so, there is always something or someone that is bothering us in any job. But I claim that the right mindset towards work makes the difference.

I am a workaholic. Or at least I love my job. People are saying that without really meaning it. We hear questions like: Would you go to work tomorrow even if you have to pay? And a lot of those kind of people say “yes”! I don’t! I would go to work tomorrow! That’s for sure! But just in order to tell them what they have been doing wrong all those years! It’s fascinating, but once we have to pay for something, giving feedback feels so much easier.

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Today when this post gets published is Thursday. The last day of the week because of the German wide holiday tomorrow. Next week I will have off. One week of no work? I wonder if I will survive. And I mean it. A day or two without work is fine! I get through the weekends somehow. But a whole week without it? Come on! That’s unfair! And sure, a lot of people make the mistake to describe their jobs as being wonderful and the job of all jobs. Mine isn’t! Definitely not! But I don’t care! My mindset doesn’t cares. I use my current situation to learn, to improve, to get better. And true, there are some parts of the job and company I really like. But there are always things we like.

The right mindset at work makes the difference. It doesn’t only change the way you feel, it also changes the way you work. But more on that later in the season.

See you next time!

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