There is not such a thing as the “right mindset”. There are a lot of different mindsets with each being able to make the difference.

I can only speak for myself, but my “mindset” changes quite frequently. Internal problems as well as external situations cause my mind to adapt, constantly. I wouldn’t say that I have my mind better under control, but I have learned my lessons. I have grown up, kind of.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The right mindset is a lifestyle choice. There are only two questions to answer. “What do you want?” And “How much of that have you already reached?”. If you have done well and reached most of your goals, of course your mindset will be right on point. You are surfing the big waves, dude! But once things get out of hand, your mindset slips away.

Getting up and doing it again. The stand up mentality of the 21st century? No! Doing it again and again and again until it works is a principle of life probably older than our world itself. Again and again!

The right mindset depends on your goals. The right mindset depends on who you want to be. Work on your mindset. Change it to the positive! Your phone or car gets an update over time as well, why don’t you reset your mind? Change your priorities. Finally reaching the goals you have set.

See you next time!

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