It’s not that I don’t want, it’s just that I can’t afford.

Time is highly limited. Trust me, my weekly statistic has cleared taught me that. And being single means you gain a lot of time. Time you would otherwise spend, or as I would put it, waste. It’s not a waste of time at all, at least from a healthy point of view, but it’s just not for me. For me, it feels like a waste of time. Maybe I haven’t found the one yet, true, otherwise I would probably speak about the topic differently, but looking at the topic today after being single for 7 years already, trust me, this helped a lot.

That my last relationship was a bit toxic in the end is one thing, but not the main reason for why I am single for so long. No, it’s just a decision I took. I focused on my career, my hobbies, myself. It sounds selfish but was the right thing for me to do. I knew that I could do more and look at me 7 years later, wow! I have reached so many goals. I wouldn’t say that all of this wouldn’t be possible with a girlfriend, but technical I do say that. Just do your math and you will understand what I mean. I would have spend so much of my time with things that may be nice, but just not what I want to do. Like traveling, going to clubs and bars, restaurants and all those other things “normal” people do. And we are not even talking about the money side of things here. One day I might be ready for a relationship, my parents really hope that, but for the moment I do not see that coming.

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I have goals to reach. I sounds silly, I know, but my goals aren’t small. Either I dedicate my life to it or I just stop today chasing after them. It’s one simple decision. Either you go all in with what you have or you don’t. But sure, life is making it easy for me. I am not the best looking guy. I do not take fancy pictures. I do not share my private life in an easy to consume way. (Nobody reads this blog, trust me!) And so I have literally no other choice then being single. Sure, as my parents tell me on a regular basis, I have to go out and meet someone, but well, this is just showing me that I am on a good way.

Being single is a decision you can take if you want, it’s not a necessary step, but it makes things easier, trust me!

See you next time!

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