We all know the times when life becomes difficult.

But it’s never life that get’s difficult, it’s our way of seeing it. It’s the way we interpret the world around us that makes the difference. Whatever happens just happens. A situation, an incident, pick whatever you like, it’s just going on around us. But we decide how big of an impact it gets on ourselves.

List to your body isn’t just one of those advises you hear on a regular basis. No, instead it’s on of those things in life you should really understand. Your body is the only thing you really need. Without it we might float through the air depending on your opinion about life after death.

Photo by Eternal Happiness on Pexels.com

But just listening doesn’t really help either. It’s living in harmony that we should look for. Striving for the perfect symbiosis of body and soul. The only question left, how?

Get a sense for what you like and what you don’t like. Get to know your personal limits. Understand who you are. Get to know each other.

See you next time!

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