Continuous improvement starts with reflecting.

I can only speak for myself, but I want to get better in everything that I do. And with everything I really mean that. Even with doing my shady daily blog. But how do we actually get better?

The key is of course reflecting. It’s the understanding of what is going on, what we are doing right, what we are doing wrong. It’s the moment we truly understand what a certain task means. At work as well as in all the other walks of life.

Photo by Sindre Stru00f8m on Pexels.com

Compared to myself six month ago I have learned so much at work, you can’t believe it. I have improved, not only in steps, but in huge jumps. How was that possible? The truth is just that, I have created the habit of reflecting on my doing. Instead of just doing my job, I have asked many questions. Questions that might sound stupid or unimportant at first sight, but in the end lead to an understanding of what is really going on.

Start today, not tomorrow or next week. In fact, you can start right now.

See you next time!

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