Math isn’t for everyone, we all know at least one person that should rather focus on something else. But if the numbers aren’t right, sorry to say, but the project will fail, you will fail.

I was in the midst of the planning phase for the project 7 when recent events have changed the business case quite dramatically. Before, building the house was a relatively middle cost, low investment, middle risk investment, but these days it has become a high cost, high investment, and high risk investment. Thank god we haven’t started earlier? Well, if you do your math and let the numbers speak, you can decrease the risk of making a mistake.

Photo by JESHOOTS.com on Pexels.com

Not everyone enjoys juggling with numbers as much as I do, I got that, but isn’t that fun? We can build little calculations that can simulate a project like a house, a small company or the launch of a product or brand.

But a calculation is only as good as the assumptions we take and the level of detail we implement. Of course we can fake the statistic or change the numbers according to our liking, but we will just fail in the end, won’t we? Therefore be careful to question your calculations at all time. Try to look at different business cases and find out if your calculation is still working or fails after all.

And the best thing is of course that you can simulate many things without the need to actually invest anything. Therefore be open for new ideas and at least do your maths.

See you next time!

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