I can’t hear it any more.

There are three types of people at work. The people who love what they do, the people who simply need the money and the people who are already looking forward to the moment work is over for the day. Look at the colleagues around you and put them into their right peer group. It’s not only fun, but it also helps you to understand how you have to talk to them. But when it comes to the topic of home office, oh my… The opinions drift far away. Here is what I think, maybe it’s not right, but it’s logical. Please consider, we are not talking about transferring any job into the home office. We are talking about the office job were people have look into screens basically all the time.

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A person who does their job in the office will do the job at home in the same quality, if not even in a better quality. Sure, some of them have families and kids at home that mix up a meeting here and there, but nevertheless, they will still do their work. Not because they have to, but because they want to. The next group of people, the money makers, they will share the same background but have of course a different motivation. Believe it or not, but they already start to do certain other things in between their usual work. Cleaning the house, doing their dishes, you know the game. The problem companies do, they see that as a disadvantage, when in fact this is one of the biggest advantage after all. Short breaks from work help to refresh the mind. Sometimes we are working on a topic for hours, not really seeing the problem, when a refreshed mind may look at the problem differently. If you work for the money, saving money is a huge motivational factor for you. Not having to drive to the office 5 times a week is a huge plus. But sure, what about the last group? The 9 to 5 warriors who are the first to exit the ship? We know that we need them in order to get rid of the open tasks, but they will decide on their own how much they actually work, at home or in the office, and therefore you can just watch them doing their tasks, allowing them to feel comfortable enjoying their lifestyle.

At the end of the day, a happy employee is everything that you need. Therefore I can’t understand those useless discussions in which company bosses decide to change their home office politics which lead to a huge frustration in the work force that have experienced two lovely years at home by now. If there is one thing that really annoys everyone, it’s the getting back to something less productive and enjoyable. You don’t buy a new car that is worse than the car you already own.

Changing a job just because there is no home office possible? I think this will become a huge factor in the near future.

See you next time!

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