Let go! Let go! Let go!

If it would be only so easy. Letting go? It’s hard, isn’t it? Sometimes it’s in our nature, sometimes it’s who we think we are. Human beings have a tendency to overthink situations. We feel anixous for situations that have not even happened to us, wtf? But it’s not easy to get back in control, for all of us.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Don’t take life so serious is an important cornerstone of life. Accepting our faith is one thing, but guiding ourselves wisely and with patience through the years is something else entirely. What are you afraid of? Missing out on something? Not following the protocol? Do you know what? Fuck the protocol. This is your life. Do what you want! Never have regrets. You will only regret not chasing after the goals you had in mind.

Let go of all your destructive thoughts. Let go of the worries, the doubts, the fears. Enjoy the moment. Live in the moment. Be the moment. And for Christs sake, don’t take life so serious. It’s just a game.

See you next time!

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