I knew that this day would come. A day on which I have not much to say. But there have been thousands of those days, don’t you agree?

It’s impossible to produce high quality blog posts on a daily basis in only four or five hours a week. And so we have to deal with days like today. A day on which I do not really have much to say. Well, I said quite a lot already besides the fact that I thought that I do not have much to say. Isn’t that strange? Or do we always have something to say? Do we always have an opinion about something?

Photo by Kat Smith on Pexels.com

In politics they call this their everyday business, but leaving the bad jokes behind, today is in fact just one of those days. One out of many. And there are many more to come, hopefully, thankfully, sadly? Pick whatever you want.

Use today, it could be your last.

See you next time!

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