With my health issues keeping me away from my usual life, I took the decision to stop racing on the simulator for the moment. For sure it would help me to switch off and relax, but it is also increasing my stress level and causing my neck issues to get worse. Therefore, no simulator! And in order to really push through and ignore my addiction, I have put the screens away from the simulator. I know, it sounds funny that I have to do that, but it’s the only chance. Therefore, even if I want to drive, I can’t.

Photo by Davis Su00e1nchez on Pexels.com

It’s hopefully not a game changer after all and I will be back completely recovered soon, but for the moment this is the only way to go. I have to get rid of these issues no matter what. Will I loose my current level of driving? I don’t necessarily think that. I drive a lot to the office back and forth, sure, it’s a public road, but you can still use the grey areas of the traffic laws.

See you next time!

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