Yap, that’s me! You probably wonder how I have ended up here. Well, honestly, it just happened.

That I would write a blog on day was highly unlikely. I have a writing disability. But I do it nevertheless. I write, not because I have to, but because I want to. Life is this strange thing we are all trying to understand. Some reflect on themselves intuitively, other don’t do it after all. But I wanted to dive deeper into this topic. Is life predetermined? Is each and every single step we take our own decision? Usually we do not think about a topic like this. No, instead we just want to live our life.

That I am different compared to the people around me was clear, at least to me from an early stage onwards. I just never got it how people could enjoy all those useless and unimportant things. A vacation somewhere nice? A nightmare for me. Sitting in a cafe? Don’t you have better things to do? It’s not that I haven’t tried! Believe me! I have tried thousands of times to adapt and integrate myself into the system. In fact, I blended in so perfectly, nobody even noticed. But during the years things became more difficult. I can’t pretend any longer. I just can’t.

Photo by carlos copete on Pexels.com

In this blog I document my life. I document my way. I write about the things that are going on inside my head. True, it’s just a small part of my life that is public so far, but that has reasons. I work in the automotive industry and can’t tell you anything about my job. I have a private life, even if that’s the most boring life you can imagine. But I share more than enough.

This blog is neither a self-help guide to success nor supposed to be entertaining. This project is rather the ongoing process of finding a way through life. It’s about successes and failures, about improving and regretting, it’s about taking decisions and changing your life.

I could tell you how many hours I have spend with the project so far, I could tell you how many words I have written. But those are just numbers of the past. I did something incredible? Maybe, but life is not about the past. Today matters.

See you next time!

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