It’s not an official saying or at least I have never heard anyone else saying it like I do. Of course the early bird gets a whole lot more than just a Porsche. The early bird gets to see the sun rise, gets undisturbed time to be productive, experiences empty roads, you name it. The advantages of getting up early are huge, but if you don’t want to be a morning type that’s fine with me. Not everyone can get up early, there are not enough Porsches out there on the market anyways.

Photo by Connor Steinert on Pexels.com

Getting up early is a part of who I am. I did it in my youth, I continued doing as a teenager and now as an adult, I just kept the lifestyle? No, I am an early bird by decision. It’s the best and for me the only way to start into the day. The moment I wake up I want to get over with the tasks that lay ahead. Snoozing in bed another minute? Never heard about that one.

If you know what you want, getting up early is the most thrilling thing to do. For me, there is nothing better.

See you next time!

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