Back in 2017 I took one small decision that had a huge impact on the quality of my life. Honestly, you should consider doing the same thing!

Call it whatever you want, but for me it was definitely a life crisis. I mean technically I haven’t solved the problem yet, but that’s a story for another time. During the spring of 2017 I fundamentally changed my life. It wasn’t a day to day change but rather a long process that took me one to two years. Well, whatever, one of the changes I did is this:

I stopped consuming any type of news.

Photo by brotiN biswaS on Pexels.com

What? How is that even possible? Don’t we have to know what is going on? Well, the truth is this, 99% of all the news are not important! Well, maybe, but what about the one percent that is? Good that you ask, you will hear about it through some kind of a way with just a little delay.

But is this really working? And what are the benefits?

News are invented to inform? News are invented to form an opinion? News are there to influence people? Aren’t they all fake news? Just pick one of those things and answer it yourself. For me it’s working because my brain doesn’t have to bother with all those information any longer. I have enough own problems in my life, I don’t want to hear about the problems of the world. But isn’t that naive to say? How ignorant can someone be? Well, your life is about you. Therefore do whatever you want but please let others do the very same thing.

Since 2017 I haven’t read any newspaper, watched the news, or did anything similar. I simply do not want to let all of those things enter my life. I do not want to get influenced by the thoughts of others. There is just too much information out there anyways. As good as the internet is, it has some significant disadvantages.

See you next time!

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