Moments like these are the once to remember. Going on a funeral isn’t fun. It’s saying goodbye for some, it’s wondering what is going on for others. Life is a tricky thing to understand. Nobody really understands what is going on. And so we are standing there in the morning sun following traditions. It’s what people think is the right thing to do. Nobody is questioning the process, nobody besides me.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Can a person really go? Leave this place forever? Do we have to follow the norms and standards when there is room for our own interpretation? Saying goodbye isn’t my thing. People will live forever in our memories. People want to move on when there is actually nothing to move on from. Someone died, true, but that person had their own life. That person did whatever was on the schedule. Maybe my life long struggling has changed my perspective. Maybe I am too selfish.

See you next time!

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