Porsche merch is a start, but not everything.

Don’t get me wrong on this, you can probably imagine that I gathered quite a collection of stuff over the years. But collecting those items should only stay a side project on your way towards the real deal. I for example have clear rules on that. I do not buy any Porsche items like scale models, calendars, or the like. I let other people gift them to me. It sounds not that big of a deal, but it’s a game changer in my opinion. Why? Because you do not get everything you want whenever you think you need it. Instead you have to rely on your friends and family and wait. And especially the waiting part is where we have to build up our skillset. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Days, weeks, months, years. But one day you will only have to wait another 24 hours. Always keep that in mind.

Instead of developing a need for a Porsche, we have to pretend it’s already there. The law of attraction is guiding the way. It sounds strange, but it works. Therefore you do not get up in the morning reminding yourself of your dream, you are already living it. It’s not that easy to actually do, agreed, but it’s possible. You just have to put some reminders around your house and you will see, over time your body will accept the Porsche dream as a part of your DNA.

Looking at cars online is something we all do, but reading Porsche books is the way better option. Learning from the best is what we want. Therefore get some of the good ones about Porsche 911 generations, the history and the like. You can of course also watch a bunch of YouTube videos and on the way figuring out what you actually want. A Coupe or a cabriolet. A 911 or a Macan. Or is the Macan even a real Porsche?

Set your goal once and accept it.

Start to do things Porsche owners would do. Plan your financial future. Get behind the wheel of a Porsche to experience what it is all about. And then simply get closer to your Porsche. Day after day after day.

See you next time!

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