It’s not just a race track, it’s the racetrack.

Finally I was back at the Ring. It took me a while, I know. I mean, technically speaking I’m on this particular track everyday, but that’s only virtually and we can hardly count that, right? Like the laps I have done so far.

It’s always worth a visit …

… not only for the motorsport enthusiast. But there weren’t many people, honestly. In fact, I was really surprised of the empty grandstands. The weather was perfect, the number of cars ok, it was just a great day.

We visited a former team member of the formula student team. She was working as a racing engineer for one of the teams. It was great to stand in the pit boxes and watching the racing action behind the scenes.

It’s not just sitting around and watching, at least for us. You have to walk up and down the track to get a feeling for the uniqueness of this racetrack. And so my phone counted some good old 20k steps while ignoring the heavy elevation changes we climbed up and down all day long. You can literally walk behind the fence. Honestly, you can not get closer.

It’s the perfect combination of nature and motorsport. You can have a great time with your friends outside and watching an exciting race at the same time. And it’s not even that expensive. Nowhere else do you get so much for so little. Just pay 10€ for the parking and you can walk up and down the race track as long as you want to. Of course you need a ticket for the pitlane and grandstands over there, but you don’t miss a bit keeping away from there.

It’s just a nice place to be. And it really feels like being on a vacation every time I am there. Can’t wait for my next visit.

See you next time!

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