It’s a strange thing to talk about, but finally I start feeling better.

Usually this is the time when I get sick. The temperatures fall way underneath the twenty something degree mark. The sun becomes this rare opportunity to enjoy whenever you can, but instead of this, my health issue seems to get better. It’s not gone, that is not what I am saying, but it’s definitely getting better. Or maybe that is just me not noticing it any longer? I hope not.

I have changed my nutrition ones more but this time it seems to be not entirely wrong. Is this hope? We will figure it out soon. The only thing I really have to work on is my sleep. I slept very good in the last month but these days it got worse again. I will keep you updated on that.

Photo by Dua Chuot on Pexels.com

But what causes my problems? As I see it today, it’s definitely a combination of things. One part is my nutrition, one part is stress and one part are my high expectations. I have to learn to slow things down. I have to learn to relax and enjoy the moment. I have to stop pushing myself too much all the time.

Well, now you have a good update on what is going on. I will keep you updated and looking forward to the day when I will finally overcome this challenge in my life and understand what life is trying to teach me.

See you next time!

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