What is more important than knowing? Knowing what to know.

You can try to know it all, sorry to say, but you will fail at that one. It’s impossible to everything! But nobody is expecting that anyways. The only thing they are expecting from you is to know what they need to know.

A couple of days ago a colleague of mine asked me for advice regarding the right Porsche for him. For him it sounded like I am the total expert knowing basically everything. The truth is you can hardly know everything, it just happened to me that I knew everything he was about to ask me. Was it common sense? No, but his questions made sense. I asked me the same years ago when I was wondering about getting one of those cars.

Photo by mali maeder on Pexels.com

An expert knows everything they need to know, not everything there is to know.

Preparation is the key to everything. A general knowledge about the topic at hand is always fine, but once we dive deeper into the subject matter it becomes clear right away how much you really know. Therefore, why don’t you actually take the time and prepare yourself? There is nothing wrong about not knowing everything. But there is everything wrong about not being prepared.

See you next time!

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