Yes, it is happening again. The Christmas story will be continued.

As my long term readers already know, I write one chapter of my Christmas story every year. Agreed, it’s an unconventional way of writing a story, but isn’t that what makes it special? How many stories do you know that are getting written like this? Exactly!

Of course I had no clue about extending the story back in 2019 when the story started. Gosh, I would have written it differently. Now I have to deal with the consequences, all of them. The original idea was to track my progress in the world of writing, well, it’s exactly that.

Yesterday I took the time to read through chapter I to III. Believe it or not but it took me one and a half hours. Oh gosh, continuing this story will become harder every year. How am I supposed to remember all those details I made up years ago? I will figure it out.

Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com

For me, the feeling of reading my own story online is something else. It feels surreal. It feels like the story has been written by someone else. Written from the past version of myself.

If you like the idea of pushing through no matter what, you will probably like what I am doing here. I am not saying that the story is the best I have ever heard, but it will become the best! Just give me some time. The years to come will play in my favor.

See you next time!

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