Gluing yourself to the road is one thing, but damaging the property of someone else. The hell!?

Standing in for a topic, caring about something, we have all been there, things can get emotional pretty quickly. I don’t think that climate activism is a bad thing after all, but I definitely have a problem with their approach.

Just imagine how much CO2 emissions we could have saved if there wouldn’t be a climate activism scene around the globe.

Is this a silly approach to the topic? Well, if they can glue themselves to the road, I can be who I am, an engineer, and talk numbers with you today. The way the most of the people out there are looking at this topic is biased. Not necessarily because they ignore, actively or by accident, the facts, it’s more about who we are. Time is limited, we just don’t know it better, or don’t want to know it better.

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So, if you want to make this thing right, you start with yourself. Why? Because that is where the magic happens. It’s the moment when we realize that everything has an impact on our environment. And so, let’s just compare a fictional climate activist with me. We get up in the morning and switch on the light, our electrical devices have been recharged over night, the house is warm and comfy. We stream music through Spotify, we take a shower. Actually, I don’t need to mention all of that. We know what we are doing all day long. So let’s talk about the things that this fictional character is doing differently to what I do. The person might travel a lot to climate protests in Germany. This person might talk a lot about climate activism online. This person might travel a lot with busses, trains, generally speaking public transportation when I, silly me, take the car. Adding up all those numbers will make us sick. Sick because everything we are doing has an impact on the environment.

The only problem, we do not seem to have good solutions. Oh wait, what? Solutions? You want to talk about solutions? Isn’t climate activism just about yelling and complaining? Who needs solutions? It’s not that we really want to change anything, do we? Oh, wait, what? Am I late to the party? I thought this is about actually making a difference?

We could all stop driving fuel burning monsters and drive electric cars. But electric cars aren’t any better! It’s not the technology that has to change, it’s the way we look at the big picture. It starts with you and me! Not with them and so on. Pointing the finger is always easy, but it doesn’t help. It doesn’t change anything.

If you want to change something, simply change yourself. Because in the 21st century, we do not need laws, rules, and all of that. We are a consumer based society. Simply stop consuming and the world will change automatically. Therefore, this whole activism thing is just nonsense. It doesn’t save our planet, it destroys the potential to change in time.

What do I mean? Well, just look around and tell me what you see! There are so many rules and emission relevant things to care about when owning a business, you don’t really have the time, money and energy to change to the better, you just do what you have to do. If the rules say, we compare different cars by looking at the emissions, tank to wheel and not well to wheel, of course you will see a lot of electric cars on the market. But those cars are not better for the environment, they are just the thing the rules say you can put on the road without paying a lot of fees.

Well, whatever, this topic, honestly, we have other problems in this world we should care about. Climate activism is a clear sign that life is too good in our society.

See you next time!

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