Usually you don’t talk about business deals before they are done, well, in this case I can make an exception. Why? Because the first client gets the best deal! My service for free.

It’s all about the experience and not about the money. I want to do this because it’s what I like to do. It’s what I am spending my time with anyways. So in the end, it will be just a lot of fun!

Of course there is a catch, there is always one, he wants his Porsche not right now, but at the end of next year. Not a big deal, in fact, it’s perfect because I can’t recommend buying one these days anyways. The prices went down already and will continue to go down a little bit over the next year. So, the end of 2023 seems to be the time to buy, what a coincidence, I will get mine shortly after at the beginning of 2024.

Photo by fauxels on Pexels.com

What else is there to say? Not much I guess. My service will be completely free of any charge. I just want to help him find the perfect car and living the most perfect Porsche experience. Meaning that we will figure out what he wants, what he can afford and what he will buy. Not the most easiest of tasks, I agree, but definitely one of the best problems you can have.

See you next time!

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