Life is just a sequence of events added to each.

It’s the straight line we all have in mind, when in realty the road is rather winding. Now you got the picture! Oh wait, actually, no! It’s not just one road going up or down the hill, depending on your mindset. It’s a road with many many junctions. One for each decision there is. Therefore the word “many” doesn’t even describe it slightly. There are billions of junctions. But it’s never just a left or right decision. After every junction comes another junction, comes another junction, comes another junction. So it’s not just a couple of parallel lanes, it’s more like a web consisting out of millions of roads. Some short tracks, some long straights, some short cuts, some detours. Now we got the picture!

Photo by Sebastian Palomino on Pexels.com

Isn’t that fascinating about life? We are on a journey, not knowing where, when, and how the story ends.

See you next time!

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