As the tradition demands these are the numbers of 2022. Have fun!

I could have done it more thoroughly, agreed! But don’t complain, it’s good enough! One day up or down, trust me, it doesn’t even matter!


We already know the charts from the weekly report, today the numbers are just a big bigger.


Sleeping takes just so much time, doesn’t it? But what can we do? We need some time to rest! Well, I could go over all those categories telling you exactly what was going on in 2022, but I will not do that. Either you follow my blog or you don’t. I can just tell you that I haven’t reached the time commitment I had in mind, but my health is just more important. Anyways, it’s not even that bad. I still did some sport and some racing so everything is fine! Agreed, I needed a lot of time for relaxing and recovering, but even I get older so I better get used to it anyways.


Looks kind of ok! Still a lot of free time, don’t you agree?



Yepp, family and friends come first. Wait a minute! No, Racing comes first, then sport and then the family and friends. It got closer in 2022 but I am not about to change, so 2023 will be even more sport and racing going on.


You can check out the charts by yourself!


Well and that is already it! Oh, wait a minute! What about a comparison with 2021? An excellent idea!

And here we have it, the ultimate comparison!

As you can see I have changed my lifestyle quite a bit compared to 2021. Here are the details. Starting on the left, you can see that I take more time to prepare and eat my meals, pretending that this can increase my awareness and help me getting back on my feet. Of course that also meant that I slept a bit longer and worked a bit less. Well, I really worked less! It’s still a 40 our work week but just not the 50 or 60 thing. The efforts for doing my blog went down significantly. This is due to the fact that I changed my priorities to different things in life. Well, meditation went down a little bit, but it’s not even worth mentioning. Way more important is the fact that I took a lot of time for myself to think and relax. I also focused more on my racing and doing sport but I am still far away from where I want to be. Formula Student went down a little bit, entrepreneurship went up a little bit, family and friends a bit down. Those numbers do not say anything! True, I didn’t spend us much time as usual doing other things, but that is also not that important.

In summary we can say that I have worked less and took more time for myself and my hobbies. 2023 can come! I am ready!

See you next time!

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