There is this thing about pressure I don’t understand. It’s not that I don’t like it, in fact I use it every day to my advantage. But still, at the end of the day I don’t enjoy living under pressure.

A difficult task at work, a deadline is coming closer, I don’t particularily like the experience of feeling under pressure. It’s just not supporting me on my journey to make things right, quite on the contrary it causes me to make things wrong. Not because I can’t handle the situation, but because I start to overwrite my safety precautions. I don’t use my checking routine, I don’t focus all my attention to this one task at hand. And so whenever I feel the pressure I stop working in my normal rhythm.

I know that there isn’t any physical pressure anywhere around, it’s just my interpretation and assumptions of what is going on, but still I struggle to handle it the right way. The right way. What would that be? Using a healthy amount of pressure to increase productivity without feeling overwhelmed or stressed out? What sounds like a dream can become reality. But it’s a long way down the road to get there.

I am making progress. I have noticed that in the last half year significantly. I have changed my routines, I have changed my habits, I have changed the way I do my stuff. And hey, you can do the very same! Especially in the beginning of a new year where our expectations should be up high, changing something as significant as this can actually have an impact on our future life.

There is no life without any pressure, but there is a life with feeling less pressured.

See you next time!

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