It’s the one topic we can all agree with. It’s a matter of our personal preferences. Exactly, either you like it or you don’t. There isn’t the one holy grail of a color and that is good as it is. This world is a diversified place. There millions of different styles, colors and shapes. So why should everyone choose the black black black option? Isn’t that just a proof of your lack of inspiration? A way of saying hey, look at me, yep, I am that guy with the black exterior and interior Porsche. Well, sometimes an all black car can look fantastic, there is no doubt about that, but it’s a bit boring, a bit dull, a bit too average. Come on, there are so many nice colors. You just have to pick one!

But that’s the problem. The car market isn’t full of perfectly spect cars. Quite the opposite actually. The market is full of cars that you don’t want, that nobody wants. That’s why they are there. So, sometimes, you can see some fancy colors. A yellow exterior with a green interior?! Oh my! At least it’s cheap, isn’t it? I hope it is!

Honestly, just pick a color you like. Pick something you really enjoy looking at. For me that is my favorite, GT Silver, but I also enjoy a dark blue, night blue, grey kind of color. Sure, something special is always making the car more unique, but I don’t need a really fancy color. So no, red, or purple, or yellow. Gosh, what’s wrong with those people.

See you next time!

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