#1376² SPORT – S1 E6 – GO EASY

We all have this stereotypical gym atmosphere in mind when we get dressed and ready to hit the road. It’s not that we don’t want to, it’s just that we can’t. We can’t look perfect all the time, we can’t give 100% in every workout. True, that’s possible if you do your sport only from time to time, but once you are in a daily rhythm, honestly, forget it! You do not even have that much close to cover a single week doing your workouts properly. And then we also have to look good? Thank god I am doing all my sport at home.

The key to a long lasting relationship with your sport is a go easy policy. You can go all in from time to time, no, actually, we really have to do this! But just not all the time! Life is a marathon and not a sprint. We win on the long run!

See you next time!

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