#1392² SPORT – S1 E7 – HIT

High intensity training (HIT) is supposed to be the holy grail of every sport enthusiast. It is claimed to be the most effective training ever. Really? Why doing something else then?

While there is no doubt about the fact that a high intensity training is having a positive effect on the efficiency of our workout, it’s definitely exhausting and not really fun! You can try to do a HIT only workout but let me tell you this, you will fail miserably. We can try to include a HIT routine into our weekly workout schedule, but more than three or four HIT workouts is just torture. True, that’s just my opinion and you can do whatever you want and actually should do whatever you want, but please just don’t overdo it.

The thing about HIT training is that we have to go to the very limit, if not over the limit and that for minutes without an end. Honestly, this can become very dangerous. Not just because you reach the limit of your body, you will also stop doing the exercises in the correct way. This might cause injuries and the like, therefore I highly recommend you to start doing HIT with very easy workout exercises. My all time favorite is cycling, not just because that’s what I love, but because it’s simple. You can not really do something wrong, even if you are completely exhausted. So pick something like this, push ups, running, cycling or the like. You can work with more complicated exercises later on.

See you next time!

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