#7 Language learning – Season 1 Episode 1 – Introduction

Starting early on in the third class with english at school, I pretty soon found out that language learning is no fun! “You are just not the language type!”, they told me all the time. And I, foolish me, believed it. “Well, if I am not the language type, than this is not my fault. I am just better in math, physics or whatever!”

Growing up with this believe, english was a daily struggle. But, as we already now! It was not my fault. So I did not care. I tried my best, but in the end, do not blame me! Because I can nothing for my bad genes! I can not be better in this! Accept it! And what did I do? I accepted it.

Finishing school with 17, my english was so bad, you would not belive it! Of course I could say something! But for eight years of training? Not that efficient, really!

Starting an apprenticeship directly afterwards, english was of course a part of the training programm, but just a very very tiny one. Finishing this with the age of 20 my english was still far away from being ok. Of course I could say something, but after giving someone directions, asking for a beer, or spell my name, my portfolio of words was soon at its limit.

Planning on going back to school for getting further education, I immidiatly realised that english should be something I should tackle right now and right here. Experiencing the “waking up summer” in 2015, soon, english got a very high priority in my life.

Give me your reason and I tell you if you succeed!

MOTIVATION!! Why? Just, why? Can you answer that? Why do you want to learn this language?

If your reasons are not good enough, you will not reach the level you want to reach! It is that simple! Therefore, you need to find more reasons! More motivation! More passion!

Go hard or go home!

Learning a language is so much fun! But only, if you do it in the right way. So, what is the right way? I am sorry to dissapoint you, but there is not the right way! There is only “YOUR right way!” Therefore, you need to figure out what works best with you and then just push through! All the way! Nobody said it would be easy! But I say, as long as I can do it, you can do it as well!

How will we do this?

Learning in engineering class and in my life, that you should analyze a problem very carefully before starting to do something, I simply have done this. I just looked at the whole system, divided it into different categories, analysed those categories and created small and doable work packages, that will, added to another, give you the whole process.

In the upcoming posts of this season I will share my experience and my style of doing it. So keep on reading if you are interested in learning a new language.

On the next episode

Language learning – Season 1 episode 2 – learning how to learn

Learning how to learn! How does your brain work? Where can I find the knowledge I need to find? Which strategies are out there and how can I use them?

See you next time.

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