#8 Meditation 4.0 – Season 1 Episode 1 – Introduction

Meditation. What is meditation?”

“Meditation is inner peace. Meditation is feeling free. Meditation is open up your mind. Meditation is the perfect harmony of body and soul. Meditation is all and nothing. Meditation is not thinking. Meditation is hard. Meditation is boring. Meditation is struggling. Meditation is sitting around on an uncomfortable cushion. Meditation is a waste of time. Meditation is useful. Meditation is accepted in today’s culture. Meditation is the key to your mind. Meditation is so much more!”

All of this is meditation.

Meditation can have different forms, ways and practices. Thinking about the word “meditation”, I see a person sitting cross-legged and with closed eyes on a cushion. Resting its arms on its knees and breathing calm and easily. The sun is shining and it seems like the world around this person stopped turning.

Well, that is what most of us think. But is this what meditation really is and is there not another way?

“What if meditation is not just sitting around? What if meditation can be done while doing other things? What if meditation means something else entirely and you are already doing a kind of meditation every day? Why do people meditate? Why do I want to meditate? What are the benefits? What are the disadvantages? What kind of meditation techniques are out there? What do they promise? What happens if you start to meditate daily? How is this impacting your life?”

Living in the 21th century we hardly give our brain a break. Hustling from one meeting to the other, from one task to next, our brains are running nonstop in “overboost mode“. Being healthy and the master of your life, this will not affect you in any way, but do not think that this will stay like this forever. One day, maybe not tomorrow and maybe not even this year, but at a certain time in your life, the day will come and you will realize that you are not in control of you mind. You will realize that you have no fucking clue how to direct your thoughts and how to stop to freak out.

Believe me, after having experienced this day already in my life, you should start to meditate today. But please, forget the image you have in mind about sitting around in a fancy garden of a buddhist temple somewhere on the other side of the world. At a place with no TV, no WIFI and no phone service, everyone can meditate. You are just getting so bored, that sitting around is your only option to at least do something.

But in my daily life, this is not really simulating how it goes. I suffer from distractions! From a lot of them! Therefore, practicing sitting around and getting free of thoughts can be good, but in my case this is not really helping me today, tomorrow or in the next few weeks.

It is like setting up a car in a static situation without thinking about the air resistance while being on the road. Your car will drive somehow, but it is really not that effective.

“I cannot just sit around for half an hour in the office, to be able to get over the bad meeting I had ten minutes ago. So how is this meditation practice helping me? What do I do when I am not at home? How can I meditate when others are around me? How can I meditate without getting caught by doing it? How can I meditate with eyes open? How can I meditate for just a couple of minutes or even seconds?”

My way of meditation cannot be just like sitting around. I tried this for years, but I did not made any progress. I need something useful, I want a meditation practise that is actually enrich my days and not just putting time a way. I want to become the master of my mind and in this series, we will talk exactly about this.

This is “Meditation 4.0”.

See you next time!

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