#33 Meditation 4.0 – Season 1 Episode 4 – Keep it calm

Working really long hours for my formula student team in the last couple of days, I am running under high pressure all the time.

What I tend to do in these kind of situations is not really effective, because I am losing my head way to soon!

I do not breath calmly, think clearly or try to get a wider picture of the problem, but instead just act out of instinct and feel frustrated without really thinking it through.

And where does this behaviour lead me? To a solution for the problem? Maybe! But is it effective? Not really! And is it a healthy condition for me personally? Not at all! Mentally and physically this is influencing me in a very bad way. It holds me back and is causing destructive thoughts.

Of course you start to work on the problem much quicker, if you just act and do not lose much time by thinking it through, but is this really effective on the long run?

I do not think so. Most of the time I just figure out, that I am wasting too much time by not really focusing on something directly, but rather do something in a kind of subconscious state of mind where I can not be productive anymore.

Of course we are not talking about wasting time with doing nothing, but in the end, it fells like you haven’t done enough in the time you had.

I am already over 17 hours in the shop and compared to this, we got some important stuff done today. But I could be much quicker in the execution of those tasks and do it in a better state of my mind, if I wouldn’t see those problems as problems. Because currently this constant stress makes me freak out and resonate in my behavior, my speaking and my mindset.

This situation is just way too unhealthy for me and I really need to change something. Therefore I will use the next two weeks to do exactly this. Try to keep my head and focus on the task in front of me.

I will not think in a negative way, or let the problems get into my mind as huge obstacles, but rather see those problems as challenges that want to be solved, that I want to solve!

With this change in perspective, I will have a completely different mindset!

This is learning by doing. Of course we can talk about the theoretical stuff of meditation. But in situations like this, you can practice the act of meditation even better. Compared to sitting around on a comfortable cushion on a sunny Saturday morning, this is life. This is where you need to keep your head. At home you can meditate as much and as long as you want to, but if you want to really get into your mind, you should work on this under extrem conditions.

Meditating while your kids running around, or your dog has its five minutes? This is the situation where you want to meditate. As I already mentioned in the introduction of this series , everybody can meditate in a buddhist temple without phone service! But back home in your day to day life, you will have a completely different environment.

If you want to take this serious, you need to push over your current limits! You need to expose yourself to the situations you are afraid of, or where you want to become calmer.

I need to go now, the next challenge wants to get solved!

See you next time!

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