#34 Language learning – Season 1 Episode 5 – The consistency of inconsistency

Learning a language is a mental game. To be able to have a decent conversation with a native speaker, you need to have a portfolio of around 500 words.

In which time frame you are learning those words doesn’t matter, because in the end, you simply need to know them.

There is no other way around this!

For me personally, I do not work on my language skills every single day in the same way, but rather follow an open minded schedule. This means, that I follow a kind of a routine with what I am doing, but not when I am doing it.

Listening to a YouTube video and making some notes can be an example. I do this in the certain way, I figured out over time, but do not have a special time set when I need to do it. Therefore, I profit from the experience I have made in the past in doing it, without losing the flexibility in my day to day life.

Having already talked about the importance of “creativity” in the learning process, this principle helps you to get more variety in your language learning experience.

Do not just do something because you think you need to do it! Question your doing! Is this really effective for you?

As I already stated out in the Episode 2 about learning how to learn, betting everything on one card can be a success, or a miserable mistake. Therefore, you need to diversify and work with a huge portfolio of different techniques. Try to implement as many different connection creators as possible, like hearing, writing, speaking, locations, feelings, fun, and so on.

Doing the same task in the same way all the time is not only not effective, but really boring. This is supposed to be fun! Therefore, enjoy the process and do not just do the same stuff everyday.

Change your way of learning.

When starting all over again with English some years back, I was way too focused on the “classical way” of learning a language. I was doing my vocabulary training like I used to do at school, I was working myself through exercise books and was trying to translate boring and invented texts.

If you want to be successful with pursuing your dreams, you need to work at the way you are doing it. Therefore, I highly recommend you to have a closer look at what you are currently doing and try to improve this process.

I personally think, that the “consistency of inconsistency” theory is the right way for doing this. You are not doing the same stuff at the same time, but rather do the same stuff when ever you feel like doing it. This makes you more flexible in your day to day planning and also helps you on the mental level, because you feel kind of free in what you are doing.

Be creative! Change the procedure! Break your old language learning rules apart and finally accept, that we are living in the 21th century, where language learning is not boring anymore! Language learning is fun!

That is it for today.

See you next time!

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