#35 Passion, Motivation & Mindset – Season 1 Episode 5 – Passion


People tend to use the word “PASSION” way too often in their lives! But do we really understand what we are talking about. Or is it just a trend to be passionated about literally anything these days?

What does passion mean?

If you ask the internet, you can read that passion…

“… is a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.”

Random internet search

Ok, I got that. But this is not really helping. I have still no clue what passion really is.

Passion is, if you are willing to invest a huge amount of resources like time, money, love, brain capacity and sacrifices to be able to to do those particular things in life you are really living for.

Passion is, if you can not stop talking, thinking and dreaming about those things.

Passion is, if you can create pure energy out of nothing and create something that has a very large value for you.

Having this said, you can flip this formula the other way around and conclude, that you are passionated about something if those criteria are matched.

Therefore, if you are investing a lot of time, money, love and sacrifices for doing the things you want to do, you can call yourself passionated, if you are really living this. At least in my mind.

But what does passion really is?

Passion is an inner drive that is allowing you to continue on your journey to that particular goal you have in mind. If you get to know someone who would fit the above mentioned criteria, you will instantly notice, that this person is just different compared to all the other people around you. This person is full of energy! This person smiles every time when thinking about their passion. This person is on the next level and has no interest in things that do not help to reach their goal.

But of course this is not enough for you. You want to see this. Therefore, here is an example.

On the YouTube channel “Petrolicious” you can actually see passion. Here is one example.

Pure passion

Have a closer look at that person. You will instantly notice in the way this person acts, speaks and lives, that there must be passion involved.

How to get passionated?

Well, it seems like you can not just get passionated about something from one day to the other. It is more like a long time process that is starting somewhere on your journey and is leading you into the future. For me, it just started with cars when I was seventeen and evolved over time in what it is today.

Of course you can influence it in certain ways, like redirecting and/ or adjusting it a little bit in order to follow the way you want to follow. But remember, you are the source of this whole thing.

It is not just a passion, it is your passion! You real passions are never off track, they are exactly in the way you want them to be!

But do not worry, we will tackle this in detail on another day.

See you next time!

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