#36 Meditation 4.0 – Season 1 Episode 5 – Escape your routine, live the simple life

Living in your normal environment, life can be quite comfortable. You do not need to think about the most basic things like where to sleep, or where to eat, therefore, you can focus 100 % on your personal life and your problems.

Flipping this situation upside down and putting you in a completely new and unfamiliar environment, this can have a dramatic change on your perspective.

Being a member of a formula student racing team, I am spending two weeks in two different towns, sleeping in a residential community that has been rent in order to have a place for us to sleep and on a camp site.

Entering and living at a place, that actually looks like the inhabitants will be back any second, this is an interesting situation. Being a person that thinks things through, all the time, 24 hours a day, this situation gives me the opportunity to get into a completely new level of consciousness.

For a long time, I am not in control of that part of my life. I simply need to deal with the situation as it comes. No matter what!

Sitting on the kitchen floor of the apartment at 2 am in the morning, a person I have never even talked with is sitting right across the room and is checking his mobile phone. I do not even know his name. He is of course a member of the team, but from another country, therefore, I do not know him yet.

I will not have a room for myself today, but rather sleep right here on the kitchen floor. But who cares!

I care, because this is actually helping me to calm down, to steady my nerves and to get back into the tracks. This is getting me back on the ground, back to the roots, back to the basics of my existence.

Having slept for four hours in average in the last 6 days, this is also an important factor of this experience.

Thinking about the stoic philosophy of Seneca, this is actually quite a good thing he has recommended to include into someones life for centuries.

Just live the most basic life possible and figure out, that this is nothing you need to fear. That you can still survive that and even overcome it.

Having read something about this in the past, I was never really convinced to try it out. Now, being kind of forced to try it out, I can tell you that after six days, there is really nothing you need to worry about.

Most of the time, I make my own life miserable by actively thinking in a negative way. I do not see the good things in life, but rather look for the small amount of bad things.

Together with this experience, it will be possible for me to make one huge step in the right direction and focus my thinking on the positive things in life.

Because things I currently fear are apparently not fearsome at all!

For the future, I want to do this more often, in order to even increase the impact it can have on my life. Therefore, I decided to implement it into my schedule as a regular thing I want to do 2 – 4 times a year.

Final words.

Today is a gift. Today, you have another chance to follow your dreams, your passions, your reasons of existence. Do not waste it by talking this chance small! Change your mindset, because today counts as well as yesterday counted and tomorrow will be count! Look straight ahead and reach for the stars! Do not focus on the bad things, “always look on the bright side of life, deeeduupp, dedededeupppp!”

See you next time!

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