#9 The road to success – Week 27/2019

Writing about the journey to my goals in this blog, I promised myself to give you the real story, but what does that mean?

This means 100% transparency and 100% commitment.

You want to see what it takes? I show it to you in this weekly report series.

“Why week by week?”, you are asking? Because day by day is not working. Just imagine it is your partner’s birthday. You cannot just ignore this and do your thing like any other day. Therefore, it makes no sense to compare normal work days, with weekend days or special days like birthdays or whatever. You would need to make categories, manage does, define the borders between them and in the end, you are becoming a great data analyst, but there is no time left for you, to actually do something that is helping you to reach your goals.

Being an engineer, words are nothing compared to numbers. Therefore, I need a system, were I can work with key figures, I keep track of during the week. Thinking about time as a perfect measure, because it is seen as the same in every country of this world. There is no need to transform it into different units like you have to do with fuel consumptions, distances, or whatever, so, this should be our main indicator.

How does this report look like?

It looks like this:

WEEK 27/2019

Starting with 168 hours for the week, we subtract the categories “EAT, SLEEP and WORK”, because these are the surviving factors in my life. After removing them, a time count of 76 hours was left this week.

Now, all the other activities are getting their numbers, until the time count is at 0 hours. Summarizing the single events to each other, like practicing on the racing simulator and doing sport into the category racing, and so on, it is getting easier to compare the different fields of what I am actually doing.

To be able to make the data even more transparent, two charts are used for an easier understanding and comparing of the events in my life. The first one is a pie chart, where you can see the distribution of the hours I am investing in certain areas.

pie – chart

The second one is a bar chart, where you can compare the number of hours of every single event with each other.

bar – chart

And this is it. Just a tiny summary of my week number 27 in 2019.

“Interesting, but how does that help me?”

This is helping you, because on the one hand, you can do the same thing with your life and on the other hand, you see what it takes. “Where is the scrolling through Facebook, you are asking?” Or the “TV watching?” That is my point! If you really want to reach something, it takes more than just dreaming about it. Dream, Act, Succeed! If you are still dreaming, you really need to start! You just need push through the “acting” part and you will succeed! I promise you that!

Ask yourself: “How can this day help me on my journey? What can I do today, to get better, to improve? And then, just do it!”

If you do not trust me, saying that, than maybe you trust them!


“Just do it”, again, three simple words. Just do it! Just start it! Just do something that is helping you to get one step closer to your goals! Every day! Remebering the endless step from blog post #3?

Keep track of your life!

It is really not that difficult to do something like this and obviously it gives you a great overview about the stuff you are actually doing. Most of us, including me, are thinking more about doing something, than actually doing it. So, with this report, you are running out of arguments. You want to become a race car driver? Then why the fuck are you not practicing it?! Come on! You will not improve by watching formula one all day long! You need to take action, right now, right here, every single day! And if you really do that, you can tell yourself at the end of your life. “At least I tried! I gave everything! I made one step after the other! “ Believe me, there is not much in this life that hurts more than the regret for not doing something!

You should also read this as well before you start!

Final statement of the day!

Go out there and work your ass off!!!

See you next time!

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