#17 Meditation 4.0 – Season 1 Episode 2 – The monkey inside me

The monkey inside me …

  • cannot rest
  • keeps on playing
  • goes on and on
  • changes subjects every split second
  • is easily distracted
  • likes to bully me
  • cannot sit still
  • cannot shut his mouth
  • is not in my control
  • is the reason why I cannot meditate
  • is so much more!

But why is he there? Why, for gods sake is that stupid monkey in my head? Why is it not a sloth? Yes! A sloth would be fine! It is not that fast, sleeps a lot, so I can rest most of the time as well! Wouldn’t that be great? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

But I do not have a sloth in my mind… I have a hyperactive monkey! A very young hyperactive monkey! He is constantly thinking about everything at the same.

If I want to get into meditation, I need to work with and not against him.

Oh, by the way! I should give him a name, I mean, he is something like an acquaintance of me. I will call him “Jimmy!”

Easier said than done. Jimmy is kind of tricky. Sometimes he is holding himself back, waiting for the right moment to jump out of his hiding place, and BAAAAAMMMMM, my mind is just all over the place, but not focusing on the task right in front of me.

“Hey Jimmy! Look what I have! I know you like it sooo much! Come and get it! Come on Jimmy! Please! I know you want to have it! Come on!”

Mhhh, it doesn’t work. He doesn’t trust me enough, I need to try something else.

This is just for you Jimmy!

“Breathing in…. and out … Breathing in … and out … breathing in … and out…. one more time! Breathing in … and out …! Porsche, loud, passion, accident, that girl from work, sunshine, my thesis is still not finished, Sunday, why are most of the airplanes white? Who is training racecar engineers? Why are there three lights in a traffic light? There are only two needed! Have I answered to that mail? Nuts are healthy. I should clean my room. Are spiders sleeping? Why don’t I have a girlfriend? It should be time. When did I bought my road bike? Orange or yellow? Which color is better? Oh, I have answered to the mail. It is raining. Mhh, I kind of liked that girl from today. What is her name? That Russian dude today, hilarious. Am I eating rice? When is the release of the next Porsche?”


You had your fun!! Now it is my turn! Please! Shut the fuck up! Just for a few minutes!!

“Breathing in … and out … and in … and out… Did it work? Is he still? Oh, for gods sakes! Stop thinking! No! Don’t! Oh, come on! What else can I do? STOP THINKING! Breathing in … and out … and in… and out… REMEMBER, the task is to realize that you are thinking, and just stop this thought! OK, breathing in … and out… For how long should I do this? Just a thought! Ignore Jimmy! Breathing…. focus on breathing!”

The goal of meditation is not to stop thinking! The goal is to realize that you are thinking and just send that thought away! Let it go!

For me personally, I feel like meditating when I sit in the car or being in the racing simulator and focus on driving.

Arnold Schwarzenegger described the same thing with his workout.

And then I also figured out that I could use my workouts as a form of meditation because I concentrate so much on the muscle and I have my mind inside the bicep when I do my curls

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Tim Ferriss Show #201 Meditation, Mindset, and Mastery

Here is the whole podcast.

This is the podcast you should listen to

With that said, it is enough for today! Keep on practicing!

See you next time!

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