#20 The importance of respect – be friendly to each other

RESPECT, a word that seems like lost its place in the world. At the workplace, in the supermarket, or in the park, it doesn’t matter. People tend to not respect each other in the way they should respect them. The reasons for this behavior can be various, but most of the time, we just think that we are better than “them” and therefore, it is our right to treat them like this…

“Stop! Stop! Stop! Hold on! I am not like this!”

Maybe you are not! But in my daily observations I see it way too often. And, if we are really honest, it is so simple to change. Just a friendly “hello!” or shaking someone’s hand. Having a short 3 minutes small talk about a general topic. That is all it needs!

“But this is not our society anymore. In the 21th century, life has been changed. In those days, you are the center of the universe! The world turns around you, not the other way around. Why should I talk to them? They are not even in my league! I am something better!”

It is very sad, but true. People lose the important things in life while climbing up the social ladder! They tend to forget where they came from and act as if they were always that manager, that doctor or whatever.

Recently I was invited at a huge meeting at work, where important people of the company shared with “us” the future of the company. “They” told “us“, what is going wrong right now, and how “they” will change it. So far, so good! Then “they” said: This is not working if “we” are on one side, and “you” are on the other side. This is only working if “we all” work together as a team!! I was convinced, that “those” guys really did understand it. Finally. I had a positive mindset!

Two days later, the same person had the chance to show “us”, that “he” really meant, what “he” said. And therefore counts “us” to “him” and vice versa. But actually, “he” showed “us“, oh, hell no! I am better then all of you! I do not need to say hello, be nice, or whatever, because I am the guy in the higher rank. Maybe that is just my personal opinion, because I am directly linked to the situation. But what “we” can learn from that, is the fact, that the small things in life are the important ones! You are the new boss of over 2000 employees, then the small things will tell all of them who you really are. Are you that guy, that doesn’t care about his suit and help others in the workshop? Are you actually talking to the people? And even more important, do you really care? Who hasn’t experienced a boss who is asking how you are, but is not really caring? They just ask, but hope to get away without a story about your boring and unimportant life! This sucks!

Therefore, do not be like this! Be friendly and nice to everyone! Because you never know who you are talking to. Today, he is a small trainee, but in five years, he can be your boss! And besides all of this, at the end of the day, if you are nice to the world, the world will be nice to you 🙂

See you next time!

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