#21 Passion, Motivation & Mindset – Season 1 Episode 2 – Love the process

For more than 9 years I am saving up money to buy myself a Porsche. If people realize that fact, I get questions like. “Why don’t you just buy one instead of talking about this all day long!” But what people do not realize is the point we will tackle today.

Love the process!

This topic is so important for you to understand, that I will repeat it at least 7 times!

Love the process! Love the process! Love the process! Love the process! Love the process! Love the process! Love the process! Love the process! Love the process! …

And do you know what? I didn’t even used the copy and paste function! And do you know why? Hell, yeah!!! Because I love the fucking process! I love writing! I love sitting here and write down these thoughts! Of course, I could use all those useful tools to improve the time I need to write this down, but the question is: Do I want to reduce the time? And the answer is, as you already know, of course not! Because this is what I love! What I like! What I want to do! I simply love the process of writing! Why should I minimize the time of doing it, when I simply enjoy it so much? That makes no sense!

But back to my Porsche story. I love the process of getting a Porsche so much, that I would not buy a Porsche today, even if I had all the money in the world. Because if you just buy it, the story is over! Then you have it. But do you think you will be happier? Do you think you will buy the car and you will never want to have another car? Do you think, you will become another person?

“Of course, I would be happier! But is it solving my problems? Is it really helping me to get from where I am today, to who I will become tomorrow? I am not ready for this yet!

Getting a Porsche is a part of my life. It is a part of my identification! It is one of the reasons why I am getting up in the morning.

I know all the models, I know the weaknesses, the costs, the parts and the different options. I basically know nearly everything there is to know. But why do I know all of that? Right! Because I love to get the information, watch the videos, read the articles, search for used cars online, look at cars I see on the road. I am passionate about Porsches, therefore, and only therefore I enjoy the process of getting my first Porsche. So why should I just buy one? The story is already 9 years old and I guess, it will go on forever! After buying my first Porsche, I will immediately start the process to get my next Porsche! Because I do not want to life without the acquiring process of getting a Porsche.

“OK, OK! I get it, you like Porsches! But what about me? Don’t you want to help me with this series?”

You are right! How selfish of me! So here is your part!

Love the process and reaching your goals is just a matter of time.

If you want to become the world’s best cyclist, believe it or not, but you need to sit a long long time on that uncomfortable bike! If you do not love the process of cycling, you will never become a professional cyclist! Right?

If you want to become a pilot, you cannot simply hate flying a plane, because that will be your fucking job! Flying people around! So, you better love it!

If you want to lose weight through sport, but you do not like doing sport, how high are your chances that you will reach your goal?

If you do not love the process, you will not succeed!

“But what do I do if I just don’t like the process, but the end goal seems like suiting me very well?”

That, my friend, is basically a problem, more than 99 % of the world’s population are suffering from. Yes, you can start to get passionate about basically everything! But is it an easy way? No! Not really!

“So how do I reach my goals, if I hate the process?”

It is so simple! But a lot of people forget this option! The answer is, you change the process in the way, that loving it is your only option!

Step one: Define your goals? If you do not know how to do this? Check out this blog post!

For example, you want to lose 5 kg in the next 5 months.

Step two: Write down what you do not like?

I hate going to the gym, I hate doing sport! I hate healthy food!

Step three: But what do you like? What are you passionate about?

“Well, I mean I like cooking and I like laser tag and I like working in the garden.”

Step four: Design your process! Of course, you can lose weight while doing your workout in the gym, but is this the only way to lose weight? The answer is “NO!” Of course you should have a healthy nutrition, but is this the only way to lose weight? And the answer is again: “Hell, no!”

Therefore, you are the one in control! If you want to lose 5 kg in the next 5 month! You can do this without going to the gym ones, or eating something disgusting like a vegetable! You will just cook more in the kitchen instead of eating fast food, you will work more in the garden and you will start a laser tag group with your friends, meeting ones a week for 2 hours in the evening.

Believe it or not, but that is it! No gym! No vegetables! Not a single thing you do not like!

“Mhh, wait a minute! That is not possible! That is too easy!”

Oh really? You think this is not possible? You want to lose 5 kg in 5 month, that is 1 kg for 1 month. That is 33,3 g a day. Do you think, that you can lose 33,3 g a day? And by the way! Not drinking before going on the electronic scale is not allowed!

I hope this example showed you the change in perspective!?

Before, losing 5 kg in 5 month sounds like hard work, struggling in the gym, not eating anything tasty and let go of all the sweets!

After we exchanged the process with things you really like, you just love the process, and I bet you, our friend will not only lose more than 5 kg, but will also have fun on a completely new level! Because this dude is just doing what he loves! Does someone need to remind him to go to his laser tag practice? Hell no! He is calling the others to motivate them to join!

You see! If you love the process, reaching your goals is just a matter of time!

Life has no other chance, than to simply get you what you want! Or better, what you deserve!

If you love the process and enjoy every split second of it, you can reach everything you want to reach!

Therefore, please, don’t forget that! The journey will be long, if you don’t like to travel that way, then simply change your plans, adapt your life and do what you love! Success is just the result that will automatically enter your life over time!

See you next time!

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