#61 Perseverance – *Topic week 2* – Day 4 – Get yourself ready, the first four steps

“Finally he is talking about it! I waited the whole week for this!”

Using a strategy you are already familiar with, I will divide this long and dangerous sounding word “Perseverance” in small and doable packages.

A – Find good reasons

You need to find a reason that gets you up in the morning. That let’s you lay in bed, being so fascinated about it, that you have so much adrenalin inside your body, you can not fall asleep and actually, you do not want to fall asleep.

Here are some ideas, that always work:

  • Getting girls, a girlfriend, show a girl you like what you can do, or the other way around!
  • Show your haters what you can do!
  • Save the world! The environment! What what ever you are having in mind! Please! Do not take a sailing boot to New York, just to get some media attraction…
  • Media attraction,
  • public commitment, tell your friends, your loved ones, your future wife, your haters, or use one of these fancy online tools where you will donate money to an organization you hate, if you will not stay put and push through

B – Love the process

In case you haven’t read my blog post about this topic, you can find it here, please read it!

#21 Passion, Motivation & Mindset – Season 1 Episode 2 – Love the process

Oh, and I know, you haven’t read it!!! But it’s ok. Go on! It’s your life!

C – Daily habit

Make it a habit to work on your dream every single day. It doesn’t matter if you are investing 5 minutes or 5 hours. Of course the smaller the investment, the longer it will take, but if you can develop a routine with just 5 minutes, point A and B of this blog post will increase the duration automatically over time.

D – Understand your inner self

The further we get down these letters, the harder it will get.

“Understand your inner self? What does he even mean?”

It is this authors believe, that everybody has experienced the fact, that there is something inside you, that prevents you from doing things, you originally really wanted to do, but now, you just can’t. Your legs are not moving, your body feels tired, you need to constantly yawn and you feel that inner drive to watch stupid videos online. Well my friend, this is your inner self. This is who you are talking to, when complaining about the fact, that she was really hot and the only thing that came out of your mouth was: “Hey … stutter stutter … have you known that some snakes eat their own peers?”

Talk to yourself! In front of a mirror or not, I don’t care! But this is really important! Understand the opinion of your opponent, look for weaknesses, try to figure out a way, how you two can work together as a team! There are thousands of possibilities to do this! You just need to find your own way.

Here are some ideas:

  • Why don’t you combine interests? Running on the treadmill and watching stupid videos online.
  • Give yourself a reward for doing something. I will write this blog and then I will have some chocolate.

I guess you got that point! But please remember, in order to really make it this time, your arguments and answers to these questions need to be good! Or maybe even more than that!

If your reasons are not good enough and you just don’t like the process, you will never ever create a daily habit of doing it and conquer your inner self…

As hard as this might sound! But it is that simple! The difference between you and that ultra endurance athlete is not your genes, it is not your heavy bones or all these other “things” that you are coming up with. It is just, that this person has conquered these steps already and is pushing forward every single day.

Walking to the bakery two blogs down the road, or 200 miles. The process is the same, it is just that one will take a little bit longer and a little bit more effort.

In order to acquire the skillset of perseverance, you need to master these four steps.

See you next time!

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