#60 Perseverance – *Topic week 2* – Day 3 – Just a lack of willpower

For me, this whole situation seems very easy.

You have a goal, you want to reach it, you start working on it and you stop. Why? Obviously because of the lack of willpower.

Maybe your mind hasn’t totally given up, but your body isn’t doing a single thing anymore. That is it! Get your stuff! We are driving home!

Giving up, not an option in my world. Why? Because I decided that!

You need to understand the following:

  1. This is your life! What ever happens to you, is to 100% your fault! Because you made the decisions, you took the action, you wanted this! Do you remember?
  2. If you are responsible for what happened in your life, you are responsible for your future! Not your boss, not your mum, not your girlfriend! YOU!
  3. Life is not about money! Life is not about fame! Life is about you! At the end of the day, there is just you! Your life, your decision! Do what ever you want with your life! But please, do not tell me that this life is unfair! Because it is not! You are just not doing enough!
  4. Do not be stupid! Use your brain! There are thousands of ways to find the motivation and willpower to get this thing done! Day by day! Session after session!
  5. Talking doesn’t help you! Shut the fuck up and show me results!

Often times, I find myself in a kind of floating state of mind. I start thinking about a certain topic, for example my future in racing and start do go from one thing to the other, until I face a problem I will hopefully have in 5 to 10 years. Facing this problem, I kind of feel stuck! Even though, this is possibly more than 10 000 h on the racing simulator ahead of my current situation. But why do I focus on something like this? Today is important! Not the day X in 5 – 10 years.

Make today count!

Step by step you will reach your goals! Believe me, there is no elevator to the top! I already looked for it for quite some time, but never found something! The road to success needs to be hard, or in another way, is supposed to be hard, because otherwise, you wouldn’t want to take it anyway!

Delete statements like “giving up!“, “I can not do this!”, “This is too hard for me!” from your vocabulary.

Do not say something like this, or even think about them! This is a part of your past! But your past is history already! And we do not care about your history! Forget the past! Make today count!

See you next time!

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