#59 Perseverance – *Topic week 2 – Day 2 – Perseverance means …

We want to reach our goals, aim for the stars and do everything in order to reach them!

Oh really?! Is that so? Mhh, I am not 100 % convinced about that!

Of course it is your goal! Your biggest wish! The thing you always wanted to do! But what are you ACTUALLY doing in order to get it?

Looking at the world from my point of view, people do not realize what it really takes to get there. Being a formula one driver, a singer, an actor, a politician, an astronaut, a triathlete or anything else. They weren’t born into this position and you neither!

In order to reach your goals, you need to work hard, every single day!

Most of the time, people actually do get the first part of this sentence, but sadly not the second one. Therefore, I will make it a little bit easier for you!

Perseverance means consistency!

There is no reason to give 300% today, in order to become the next formula one star, if this means, you need to recover from this odyssey in the next two weeks. Rome wasn’t build in a day either!

Perseverance means motivation!

I want to become … because …! You need to be motivated, but even more important, stay motivated. It will be a long journey! Therefore get some food and some water, oh, and don’t forget your motivation!

Perseverance means being in control!

Control, not only a big topic in the BDSM world, but also here! You need to be in control! You want to reach this goal, get to the top, succeed in the end? Then you need to be the one who gives the commands!

Perseverance means your are the one to blame!

I couldn’t practice, the weather was bad. I do not have a gym at home, I can not do my workout every day! I am having a full time job! What ever you are coming up with, I do not want to hear it! And do you know what? Not even you want to! Realize that you are the only one to blame here! If this thing will not work, you are responsible for it! Is that clear?

Perseverance means moving on!

You were too slow, missed a deadline, got injured? What ever it is, or better, what ever it was! Move on! This was in the past! You can not change it anyway! Today counts, tomorrow counts, but yesterday? Really, doesn’t matter! Move on!

Perseverance means improving every single day!

If you are doing the same exercise in the same way for over half a year, you are doing something wrong! You need to improve! Learn from your mistakes and try it a little bit harder tomorrow!

Perseverance means having the right mentality!

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

Henry Ford

Perseverance means to do more than anybody else!

You do not have the best talent? You are not doing this since age 3? I don’t care, as long as you are the hardest working guy in this room! And this my friend, was not a suggestion!

See you next time!

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