#58 Perseverance – *Topic week 2* – Day 1 – Introduction

Perseverance – one of the keys to success!

No matter what you want to reach this time in life, without this skill, you can literally pack your stuff and go home!

Getting from where you are right now, to where you want to go, this can be an overwhelmingly long journey. Without being able to follow your path, you will never ever reach your final destination.

In this week we will talk about perseverance.

Perseverance is…
… persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.
… the quality of continuing with something even though it is difficult.
… a determined attitude that makes you continue trying to achieve something difficult.

Well, we already now what it means, but how do we add it to our portfolio of skills? This will be our main goal this week!

“How to acquire the skillset for perseverance?”

If someone would ask me, what is your superpower?

I would answer with: Perseverance!

I have actually no clue how I got it, but somehow it is just there.

Some people are really good in languages, others in math, physics, or music. To a certain extent, this can be hard work and practice, but sometimes they just have it! This secret tool, this gene, or what ever it is. For them, playing a piano is like breathing, they just start playing. For me, it is definitely not music and especially not languages, but perseverance!

Being an obese kid in fifth grad, I woke up one morning and realized that I was fat. In order to get girls, this needed to be changed! Thats for sure! I concluded, let’s get thin. And that is what I have done! I decided once to do it and then just did it. That wasn’t hard! What are you talking about? Just stop eating sweets, drinking cola and all these other fancy things and focus on the magic calorie formula:

Input – Consumption = weight + or –

It is really that easy. Coming home after school, I went on the treadmill and enjoyed watching a nice movie. Walking for 2h? Already? The time is flying. And after a while, I could even run for a longer period than 5 minutes, so I went for that and it all went even better considering the formula. More calories consumption meant more weight loss or more food! Lucky me!

Doing this for one year, I reached my target effortlessly. But why? Why did I reached it? What have I done, others don’t do? What is so special about this? Maybe that was just luck? In this week, we will figure this out!

Can I teach you my superpower?

See you next time!

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