#57 The game called life

What if life is just a game?
Who tells you how to play it?
What if the people who told you in the past were wrong?
What if you played it wrong all the time?
What if you find out that you played it wrong?
What if it’s not too late to change the way you are playing it?
What if you start to play different?
Why don’t you play different? 
What if you start playing different? 
What will change? 
What will be important?
What won’t be important? 
What if you start right now? 
Why don’t you start right now?
What if you played it right in the first place and the second way is wrong?
Who tells you which way to play is right? 
Who is lying? 
Why are they lying? 
What are they hiding? 
Why should you trust them? 
Why should you play like someone tells you?
Who invented the game?
Who is deciding if you play right or wrong?
What will happen if you play it wrong?
What happens if you are trying to cheat?
Will something happen?
Who can tell you if something will happen? 
Has ever something happened? 
Do you believe the stories they are telling you?
Can you trust them?
Who is them? 
What if nobody knows?
What if nobody has ever asked these questions?
What if there is no answer to these questions?
What if everything you are believing in is just wrong?
What would happen if this is true?
Would you like to end the game?
Or would you change the way you are playing it? 

Well, I don’t know the answers to all these questions, but I definitely know, that the way I’m playing the game for the last 24 years has to change right now! So, I guess the answer to the last question “Or would you change the way you are playing it?” is: 

Hell yeah!! 

What if you decide to change the way you are playing?
What will you change?
Are you changing everything?
Or do you start with little changes?
What would be such a little change?
Can you give me an example?
Why should you start with little changes?
Who tells you to do so? 
What is the right way and what is the wrong way for a change?
Who can tell?
How can someone know? 
Why don’t you find it out on your own?
Why do you want to know how to play? 
Why do you want to play?
Are there any rules?
Who made these rules? 
Who started playing?
When did they start?
Did they start on their own?
Where they forced to start?
Has someone ever stopped playing?
What happened? 
Did something happened?
What if it doesn’t really matter what you are doing? 
What if you believe you have to play, but in reality, you don’t have to?
What if there is no right or wrong?
What if there is no wrong way to play?
What is the aim of the game?
What can you reach?
Can you win the game?
When have you won the game?
Who tells you when you have won the game?
What if you have already won the game, but do not know it?
What if there is no way to win the game?
What if you can’t win the game?
What if you don’t want to win the game?
How does the end of the game look like?
Who invented the game?
Why did he invented the game?
What if the game is just a game without rules?
Does a game without rules makes any sense?
What if a game without any rules makes no sense?
What if a game without rules, is a game you can’t win?
What if a game without rules is already won?
What if you have to invent the rules by yourself?
What if it’s your decision how you want to play the game? 
How do you know that this is true?
When do you start inventing your own rules?
Why don’t you start right now? 
Why don’t you? 

If life is a game, and you can’t answer these questions about it, why don’t you answer these questions on your own and create your own game of life?

How about that? Why don’t you invent your own way of playing your game? 

The game called life

At the beginning there is nothing. Not a single thing. It is empty, cold, and dark. But because there is nothing, there is no coldness, and no emptiness and even no darkness. There is simple put, nothing.

Imagine, you are buying a game in a store. You carry it home, you put it on your dinner table. You take a seat and open the carton of the game. But to your surprise, there is nothing inside. It’s empty. There is nothing in the box. 

What if you want to play the game but there are no instructions? 
What if you want to start playing without reading the instructions?
What if there is nothing to play with? 
What if you are really resistant and really want to play? 
Would you invent the game on your own? 
What would a little kid do?
Would it invent a game out of nothing? 
Would it just start playing?
Would it care about if the way it is playing is right or wrong? 

Just be like a little kid, or even better, be like yourself when you were younger. Be yourself and do what you want. 

What would be the first thing you need if you want to start playing the game? 

How about an action figure? Every good game has one. 

You are looking back in the empty carton, maybe you have overseen something. So you are checking all the the corners and you are really focusing on finding something. And then, to your surprise, you see it, you were right. Actually, there is something in the carton. You grab it and put it next to the carton on the table. It’s a little action figure and it actually is looking like you. A little bit smaller, but definitely you. So, it’s like a 3D-printed version of yourself made with a 3D scan. 

Well, that’s a start. Now, you have something in your hands. And yes, it looks like you, so, why don’t you play with it?

What is next? 

How about moving the figure. So let’s teach it how to move. 

Great, your smaller self can walk now and you let it walk, or ran, or jump from one side of the table to the other. And because that was fun, you do it again, and again and again. Well, you had fun, for a minute, or two. Now, it’s getting really boring again. So, let’s teach your hero something else. How about talking? Let’s teach your little action figure how to talk. 

Well, you want to talk to your figure, so you are teaching it the way you speak. So, in the end, your figure is using the same words that you are using and it understands the same things you are describing with your own words. After a while, it finally speaks your language. Congratulations, now you have someone to listen to all your problems!

Well, you are thirsty. So, let’s take the little figure with you into the kitchen. You are putting it on your hand and take it with you. There you are placing it on the kitchen table and explaining to the little figure why you don’t like your job. And why you really have to drink a glass of wine. So, you take a glass, grab your new little friend and take it back to the table in the living room.

You think like, hey, the game is not so bad. I expected more, but it’s ok. 

And it takes you a while, and then, you decide, hey, let’s do something new. Let’s do something crazy. Let’s teach your smaller self how to fly. Well, there is no instruction manual, there are no rules. It’s your game, the figure looks like you, you decide that you can let it fly. So, after one second, your action figure is lifting up from the ground and is rising towards the living room light which is hanging from the selling. It flies through the air effortlessly and landing softly after a little while back on the ground. Happy to made that flying decision, you realize, hey, let’s do another crazy thing. Let’s go cliff diving from the dinner table. Well, it’s your game, and you don’t know something better than this, let’s do it. One, two, three, Jump. 

Of course the story goes on and on. And you really enjoy your evening with your little action figure. Well, on the next day you don’t have much time to play, so your little figure is lying in its carton on the ground next to the TV.  One day after that, you finally have some time. But you want to play on the couch and not on the table. No problem! It is your game!

You play with your little figure while watching a movie. Next thing you know, the movie was more interesting and your little friend spent the night alone on your living room couch. 

The days gone by very quickly. Every time you played with your little figure, you didn’t put it back in its carton but instead just left it where it was.

Some weeks go by, the carton found its way into the garage long ago, but your little figure still joins you on your day to day business. 

Even month go by, and your life is pretty much still the same. From time to time, you actually talk with your little figure, but that is it.

Until, one day, you are cleaning the garage, find a carton in the corner. Grab it, and open the box. Well, inside you find nothing on the first look, but on the second attempt, you find a little instruction manual. You put open the plastic wrap, and start reading the text. 

Instruction manual, 

Dear customer, thank you for buying our product. We hope you have a lot of fun with this little game. Let`s start.
You will find nothing else in the box, besides a little action figure. Its name is Alex and there is only one purpose in that game. Be creative and start inventing your own game. It doesn`t matter what you want to do, just do it. Do what you want! The sky is the limit!
Feel free to share your best ideas and creative ways of playing, with us on our Facebook and Instagram

Well, without reading the instructions, you have done actually the right thing. Congratulations. 

But wait a minute. Let’s ask Alex how much fun he had! 

You: Hey Alex, How are you? 

Alex: Hey you! I`m fine, how are you?

You: Alex, you know me for quite some time now, you already know the answer to that question!

Alex: Haha, yes, you are right, sorry bro.

Dreamandacttosucceed: “Excuse me, Alex, do you have a second?”

You: Who is there? 

Alex: Not funny! Who is there?

Dreamandacttosucceed: “Its me Alex, the author that invented you. Don’t you remember me?

Alex: Oh, it’s you! Hey you! How are you?

Dreaandacttosucceed: Can I ask you something, Alex?

Alex: Of course! What do you want to know?

Dreamandacttosucceed: Well, Alex, I would like to know how do you liked the last couple of months and your life in general. Was everything like you expected? 

Alex: …

Well, what do you think Alex will be telling me? Right, he is telling me about his life. How everything started one evening on the dinner table. And how you taught him how to speak and fly. He even will tell me everything about your endless movie evenings. And the journey you took him with you in your car. And about that dog, that once toured him nearly in half. He will tell me everything about his life. 

Well, what do you think will happen if I tell him what the aim of his being is? And that it was you, who decided how his life looks like?

How would Alex feel? Would he still like you? Would he still look at you in the same way? 

Well, thank god. It was just a simple idea in my mind. And Alex never really existed.

But what if you are like Alex?
What if you are an action figure? 
What if you are getting remotely controlled by someone?
What if you are just a part of a game?
What if you are the game? 
Why would such a game exist?
Well, I don’t know?
Why are you asking all these questions?
Are you afraid? 

Don’t be afraid! But please! Stop asking all these questions!

See you next time!


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