#102 The new structure

This blog needs a new strategic concept. In this post, I want to go through all the categories and present the changes I will make.

Category: The road to success

For me personally, this category is working pretty good, but nevertheless, even here I can implement some minor changes in order to make the statistic more transparent.

Because of the reason, that I am studying full time currently, I will split up the section “University” into four categories, “lectures”, “reading”, “writing” and “projects” and will give formula student a single category. This will deliver a better picture of what I am actually doing here all day long. Another huge change is the decision, to separate racing and sport. In the category sport, I will differentiate between my normal gym workout and endurance workout, like cycling, swimming and running. Another category, I have added to the statistic is the reading section, where I will document my reading work which is not related to university tasks directly. For the sake of finally differentiate between meditation and relaxing, these two groups will also get separated.

Category: Racing is life

In this category I will specifically focus on the pre season preparation, which includes fitness, simulator practice sessions and the mental preparation. Another topic I will add to this category is the brainstorming of ideas how to finally get going in the world of real motorsport. For me as a total beginner, this will be important to get to know the process of how motorsport really is.

Category: Meditation 4.0

Here, the focus will be set on trying out techniques, with which meditation makes fun and is “effective”.

Category: Life lessons, stories, what comes to mind

In this section of my blog, I will focus more on observations I am making on a day to day basis, as well as giving you some more insights into my thinking process about this game called life.

Category: Language learning

I will start the second season of language learning, where each and every single post will be in English and German.

Category: Passion, Motivation & Mindset

In this category, I want to focus more on real life tactics, that you can implement into your life very easily.

Category: Project W (double you)

Last but not least, I want to talk about my newest project. In this project, the most important goal is on the simplification of this whole system, to break the process down into small and easily doable steps.

As you can see, I have learned from the past and trying to improve and change this blog in such a way, that it can develop a better potential for each and everyone of you.

See you next time!

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