#101 The smallest viable audience

As mentioned yesterday, nobody is actually reading my blog. Well, what does that mean?

It can mean a lot of different things. For example that what ever I am writing is just exceptionally bad 🙂 But it can also mean, that I just couldn’t figure out how to structure my thoughts in such a way, that you, my dear readers, will benefit from investing your valuable time.

In marketing, you can find the termination “the smallest viable audience”. Well, sounds very fancy at the beginning, but actually just describes the smallest amount of people that you can render your service to.

How is this helping me? This is helping me, because it shows me, that I simply couldn’t figure out a concept yet, that is providing a small group of people with the right information they want. Translated into simple words, this basically means, that the concept of this blog is too diversified, too wide ranging and is therefore not interesting for someone to follow entirely.

If this blog thing would be a business, it would be a bad business 🙂 But luckily, it is not. If we are trying to compare it with the business world, it would be assigned to the start up section. After investing resources, like time, ideas and thoughts, at the end of the day, there should be coming something out of the equation. In this case of course not money, but rather improvements in the lives of my readers or in the motivation I can provide people with. Of course we need numbers or figures to identify the success of this “business”, because we want to find out if this concept is flourishing and increasing its range, or if it remains on a certain plateau or even decreases.

If we are having a closer look at the amount of my daily visitors, the views I get, or the followers I have, then we can instantly see that this blog doesn’t reach out to the people it is written for. What creates similarly a huge potential for improvement.

The goal: Find my own smallest viable audience

I need to find my own smallest viable audience and serve this audience in the best way possible.

Ironically, the first thing that comes to mind after thinking about this, is the question, who do I want to reach with this blog? Obviously this is for everybody. But not everybody is ready for such a drastic lifestyle change. So with whom do I want to start? I want to reach openminded people that already realized, that they need to change something in their lives.

I personally see my strength in the kind of life coaching area, where I can help you to start or get going with your new lifestyle. No matter what you want to reach in life, the basis is always the same. But without that basis, you will struggle a lot. Or lets better say wasting a lot of time. Because we are always struggling in life.

My topics are more or less all related to the areas I am interested in. These are “Reaching goals, improving life, motorsport & passion”. Of course a lot of my posts are car and motorsport related, so maybe I should try to strictly separate these groups from each other, to be able to talk to a wider range of people, or flip this thing around, and focus specifically on people with that same interests. In the past, I tried to talk to a wider range of people, but the theory of the smallest viable audience is suggesting exactly the opposite. It insists on focusing on the smallest group of people you want to interact with.

As you can see on my website, I have created different categories in which I try to split up my blog posts into different subject areas. But without the feedback from my readers, I can not possibly improve this in the way, I want to improve it in my head.

Therefore, I will talk about my goals in the next couple of blogs, to give you some better insights into my goals this time in life.

See you next time!

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